Gateway's Golden Five

Gateway's Golden Five


The school has five main rules which provide a consistent, fair calm environment and ensure the children are able to learn in the right working atmosphere.

The rules are displayed in classrooms, the hall, the entrance area and will be known as Gateway’s Golden Five:


  • Follow instructions at the first time of asking.

  • Show respect to all within Gateway, both people and school property.

  • Always try our best and be positive and resilient in our work.

  • Be well-mannered, honest and polite to all regardless of beliefs and religion.

  • To have kind hands and words so we all feel safe to be ourselves.


We also share the 6 FCAT Core Values


  • Pride

  • Ambition

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Resilience

  • Excellence


In addition, class teachers may set appropriate and specific rules for individual classes.

We ask parents/carers to support the school and to encourage the children to uphold our rules and values.