At Blackpool Gateway Academy, we aim for our children to confidently and independently use and apply information technology skills to support and extend their learning. We develop a culture where the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) becomes second nature to our pupils, thus ensuring they are ready and able to embrace the technological advances of the future.

Children in all Key Stages have access to Chromebooks and iPads. The children are taught using Interactive whiteboards, visualisers, voice recorders, and numerous other technologies. Early Years and Key Stage 1 use Class Dojo where they share information about their week through the mobile app.

There is a key emphasis on learning skills for computing; these will include programming, debugging and exchanging information. Our children are taught how to access information, evaluate its suitability, store it, share it with others and tailor it to meet their own needs. We use a Scheme of Work called Purple Mash. This is used throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6. Each child has their individual login and they can access differentiated work set by their teacher and there are lots of opportunities for cross curricular links. Purple Mash can also be accessed at home by each child.

Digital Literacy is a big part of the curriculum, with children learning how to use ICT safely. At regular points throughout the year children undertake online safety sessions on topics such as cyberbullying or keeping information safe.

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard that the teacher uses to enhance learning. Each Early Year classroom has technological devices available daily within their continuous provision and other year groups have access to Chromebooks and iPads to ensure that the computing curriculum is taught successfully and that children have access to devices to meet their individual needs.

Computing progression overview

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