Houses at Gateway 


Children and Staff have now been allocated ‘Houses’ throughout school. Teachers were sent a secret email to reveal houses. Everybody was given an envelope to open. In the envelope was a coloured piece of paper to tell children which house they are in. 


It caused great anticipation and excitement across school! 


Our houses are:


King House-  (Blue)- This house is named after Martin Luther King Jr and Head of house is Miss Hinds.


Newton House - (Red)-  This house is named after Issac Newton and Head of house is Mrs Danyadi-Elliott


Curie House - (Yellow) - This house is named after Marie Curie and Head of house of  Miss Whitby


Earhart House - (Green)- This House is named after Amelia Earhart and Head of house Mr Snelling. 


Staff Head of Houses


In addition to this, we will be looking for responsible Year 6 pupils to be House Captains and lead their house by setting a super example to the rest of their team. 


All children can now earn coloured gems for their house and winning houses at the end of each half-term will be rewarded with inter-house prizes - of course this will be dependent on the current Covid situation. 


Class Jars


We will be using our houses for lots of different types of learning throughout the school day! We can't wait to develop our team work skills and work towards lots of exciting prizes throughout the school year.


Who will win the house cup at the end of the year? Watch this space!


Let's get creative!


We needed shields for our houses, so in school the children have been very busy creating their shields. We had a little competition and our winners won some lovely prizes! Well done everyone for taking part.


We have a Key Stage 1 and a Key Stage 2 winner and then we have a winning shield for each house.

Here are our amazing winners and their fabulous shield designs!

Winners of our shield competition