Houses at Gateway

In September 2020 we introduced the concept of Houses at Gateway. There are four houses within school, named after influential people:





RASHFORD: Not only is Marcus Rashford a world famous football superstar, her is also known for his incredible charity work. In 2019 Marcus started a campaign called ‘In the Box’. It encourages people to fill shoeboxes with items for homeless people in the run-up to Christmas. Marcus had the idea after he and his family had delivered gifts to homeless people across Manchester in 2018. Marcus described helping the homeless as ‘one of the most gratifying moments of the year.’ Marcus started working with a charity called FareShare, which delivered food to children who were no longer having free school meals. In total, more than £20 million was raised and over 4 million meals were provided. In October 2020, Marcus was given an MBE (Member of the British Empire), an award given by The Queen. This was in recognition of his work to support children.


Marcus continued his campaign to end child poverty. He started a petition to end child food poverty and asked the government to allocate funding to help feed more children, especially during school holidays. The petition got over one million signatures. On 8th November 2020, the government announced that £400 million would be spent on providing food for families in the UK. Rashford is now the namesake for our ‘Red House’ as he models the core values of respect, ambition, resilience,  excellence, pride and integrity.

Head of House: Mr Percival


MALALA: Malala Yousafzai became an international symbol of the fight for girls' education after she was shot in 2012 for opposing Taliban restrictions on female education in her home country of Pakistan. Malala spoke up for the rights of education for young girls that were banned due to conflict with the Taliban in her country. However, most people probably are not aware of the progress she and the Malala Foundation have made globally to ensure young children can attend school. This is why she is one of our House representatives. She embodies our core values of Resilience, Pride, Ambition, Integrity, Excellence and Respect

Head of House: Mr McCormack 

Attenborough: David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, writer, and naturalist who was noted for his innovative educational television programs, especially the nine-part Life series.One of Attenborough's great skills as a broadcaster is the ability to put humanity back into the natural world. And for shows such as Life on Earth and The Life of Mammals, this meant going into the wild himself, and interacting with the animals they were there to film. In 2022, the United Nations Environment Programme recognised Attenborough as a Champion of the Earth "for his dedication to research, documentation, and advocacy for the protection of nature and its restoration". David Attenborough is our inspiration for our Green House as he embodies the core Values of respect, pride, integrity, ambition, resilience and excellence. 

Head of House: Mr Snelling


Austen: Jane Austen is one of the most famous writers in English literature. Her books are read by people all over the world and have been made into countless TV, film, theatre and radio adaptations. This is all the more impressive because she only wrote six full-length novels.Up to and including the 19th century, writing was considered unladylike.Society thought women should be completing housework and looking after children. 
Some women in the 19th century wrote under male names so that they could write.
She is famous for her strength, courage and passion! Jane Austen and her work demonstrates our core values of: RESPECT - She is famous and respected by many people for her amazing storytelling. RESILIENCE - She continued to write despite being a women and being told she shouldn’t. EXCELLENCE - Published six major novels despite adversity. 

Head of House: Mrs Ferguson


Everyone in school is part of a house and the system encourages the children to earn gems for modelling the core values. Weekly totals are revealed on our newsletter and the winning house is rewarded. This award will continue throughout the year.


By belonging to a House, children learn to work collaboratively together and earn gems for exemplary behaviour and teamwork.


Our Houses promote our drivers of ‘Growth’ possibility and community in several ways:


Growth: When children work together, not only do they learn to communicate more effectively, they also learn to actively listen to each other and embrace new ideas and life skills such as tolerance, respect, leadership and turn taking.


Possibility: Children are given regular opportunities to work together in their houses. This may be done through PE, daily classroom learning,  Commando Joe or through house competitions. We encourage the view that when children learn to work together the possibilities are endless and they are rewarded for great communication and teamwork skills.


Community: When permitted, we enjoy working collaboratively with our local community including care homes and charities. As the concept of houses grows at Gateway we hope to work with local charities to fundraise for a variety of local causes to support the development of the local area.