Design technology 

Design technology provides our children at Blackpool Gateway Academy with an opportunity to tackle problems of a practical nature. The cross-curricular nature of Design technology offers a setting for the children to apply knowledge and skills from a number of other subjects including art, language, maths and science.

It is important as it allows children to be creative, grow and show self-expression with some rigorous techniques that provide them with possibilities to help them with future job prospects.


Design technology in Early years

In the foundation stage design technology is explored through continuous provision. This enables children to explore materials, to work with tools and to observe and play with natural and manufactured objects. Firm foundations for more purposeful designing and making in future will be laid by:

  • - investigating through heuristic play, treasure baskets, and collections of natural and manufactured resources

  • - playing with everyday objects such as empty boxes, blocks and construction materials

  • - experimenting with tools such as scissors, hammers, hole punches

  • - making use of fixing and joining materials such as sellotape, masking tape, string, pipe cleaners.


Design technology in Key stage 1 and 2

In Key stage 1 and 2  the children's foundation skills are developed further using tools and machines in designing and making artefacts and food products with an emphasis on healthy living. Working with a variety of materials aims to help children learn important life skills. The children learn independently and in groups, learning to cooperate, plan, design and make and evaluate their work. They learn to make their own decisions with help and encouragement.They produce a range of different products after researching products which have already been made.

Design Technology

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