Nurture and Wellbeing

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Welcome to our online Nurture Nook

Here you will find some activities that focus on mindfulness, growth mindset and emotional wellbeing.

The experience of lockdown and isolations, and the challenges brought with it, can leave a lasting print on people's wellbeing. By taking part in wellbeing activities, we can support pupils and their families in remaining positive and help move them on emotionally and socially. 

In school, we have been discussing our 6 Nurture principles and what they mean to staff and children in the way they support our teaching, learning and social skills. Please ask your child about them today! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of their collaborative work.

We hope you continue to enjoy the wellbeing activities. If you have any questions please use class dojo to contact us.

From Mrs Kadriu and the Gateway Nurture Team


Nurture Nook

Cygnet coffee and chat
Updated: 07/06/2021 1.83 MB
Doctors top tips
Updated: 07/06/2021 480 KB
Feel Good Friday Bingo
Updated: 04/02/2021 396 KB
Design a Secondary school
Updated: 08/07/2020 42 KB
Tips for secondary school
Updated: 08/07/2020 299 KB
My new school
Updated: 08/07/2020 399 KB
Imagination challenge
Updated: 01/05/2020 43 KB
Lego Challenge
Updated: 01/05/2020 58 KB
The invisible string
Updated: 27/04/2020 13 KB
Negative to positive
Updated: 27/04/2020 52 KB
My worries
Updated: 27/04/2020 227 KB
Mindfulness Cards
Updated: 27/04/2020 1.01 MB
Mime challenge cards
Updated: 27/04/2020 227 KB
Bubbles of gratitude
Updated: 27/04/2020 221 KB